Cathy PerezHi, I’m Cathy.

Much as I hate talking about myself (as if I have not done enough already in the other page, opppss) but indulge me here as I point out some of my competencies. I love collaborating so if you need my help in any way, you are most welcome to contact me so we can find out how you and I can collaborate.

So, about my competencies…ta-dah…

Training, speaking and teaching – My 8 years teaching and training experience in Tianjin, China has molded me to be a confident speaker, trainer and teacher. But how I got to teaching in a Chinese school from being a wide-eyed wanderer-kind-of-kid in the Philippines was a story of courage and hard work. Aside from that, I have learned a lot and am constantly passionate about learning, which makes me humbly knowledgeable in some topics like social media and branding. Therefore, I can teach and/or speak in the following topics:

    • Using English for communication (Conversational English)
    • Teaching English to Chinese learners
    • Experiences being a “waiguoren” or foreigner in China
    • Chinese culture from a foreigner’s perspective
    • Basic Personal Branding
    • Culture Shock: How to use it for your advantage
    • Third World Kid: Life growing up in a third world country
    • East vs. West: My perspective on the cultural differences between Asia and Europe.
    • From 3rd world to 1st world: Cultural differences between Philippines and Denmark
    • Re-purposing purpose
    • LinkedIn and why you should maximize your use of it

Content writing – With works published in Business Tianjin, Tianjin Plus and Sun.Star Cebu, Philippines, my passion for content creation is never ending. I love putting ideas into writing and shaping stories to be functional and effective.

Event organizing and coordinating – My experience coordinating events in Cebu, Philippines had given me solid knowledge about event organizing, which I applied when organizing Concert for a Cause in Tianjin, China in 2013. The successful event was able to help many Typhoon Yolanda victims in the Philippines, who, at that time, were in dire need of financial help. As I am now living in Aarhus, Denmark, I am excited to organize events once again. The first one will be LinkedInLocal Aarhus, which is bound to happen in 1st February 2018.

Of life, purpose and some pixie dust,

Cathy Perez