About this site

This website is, in short, dedicated to the calling deep within me – the calling to write.


I live to inspire and find inspiration, and this is where I document the best of them.

All my life I’ve always been an admirer of words written so beautifully that they awaken emotions from its readers. Writing, according to William Wordsworth, is like filling your paper with the breathings of your heart.

I started writing when I was 13, mostly poems and short stories of high school melodrama and teenage curiosities and insecurities.

I took on to study Mass Communication in my home country, the Philippines, , and eventually got my Masters in Development Communication. Whilst doing my Masters, I was working full-time as English Language Instructor at Tianjin University of Finance and Economics in China, and writing part-time for Tianjin Plus and Business Tianjin magazines.

Now living in Aarhus, Denmark, writing, once again, pokes at me. It’s stronger this time, like scolding me that I have been slacking far too long.


You see, no matter where I go or what I do, the persistent “call” of writing never escapes. It is a shame to admit that I have never been faithful to this first love, this calling, this perpetual itch to write something, no matter how powerful or unnecessary they can be. Yet, with whatever I can, I’ll try to answer this call, and see where it takes me. I just can’t afford to continue ignoring this important part of who I am.

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This website is, in short, dedicated to the calling deep within me – the calling to write.

It is my deep hope that the contents of this site can inspire you – the one reading to live life a little more…and be passionate.

Of life, purpose, and some pixie dust,

Cathy Perez