Vision Boards and other tips to start the new year

I used to write new year’s resolutions but forgot about them a few weeks after the new year. There are several reasons to this, two of which are my acceptance to let the present situation continue or the lack of clarity or the inner WHY to drive my year.

But in December 2017, I was, to say the least, in need for things to change. After a year and few months in Denmark, I know for a fact that I should do something to start my career here, and to start doing something to validate what I can do.

Twelve months passed by. Twelve months of adventures, challenges, victories and failures. Twelve months of activities, of searching for clarity, of doing what I love to do.

What I considered the defining moment of my year was when I decided to start the year right. Here are some of the things I did that help make a difference in making 2018 my banner year. Things that I want to develop and continue in 2019.

1.      Write the year a letter

It was a letter I wrote to crystalize what I have in mind

You read that right. I wrote 2018 a letter. A passionate one that started with:

“Dear 2018, I prophesy you to be – special, groundbreaking, fruitful.

Each of your 365 opportunities will be seen and treasured, embraced and used well.

I have envisioned what you are, and how special you will be. You are not going to be a wasted year filled with fears and mediocre actions, but instead, a year of hope and courage, of love and growth…”

I find writing a letter to 2018 as effective because words are powerful. It was not a letter I wrote just to impress anybody. It was a letter I wrote to crystalize what I have in mind and to make sure I remember them.

I cannot remember how many times I re-read that letter to 2018 but you bet that every time I read it, it gave me the extra push, the motivation to make the most out of my year.

(To read my letter to 2018, check it out here.)

2.      Create a Vision Board

what we focus on expands

This is how my 2018 Vision Board looks like.

Vision Boards are effective because it allows you to visualize your goals and wishes. And, if you place your board in an area where you can see it regularly, your mind is subconsciously reminding you of what you have in your Vision Board. And apparently, what we focus on expands.

There are countless resources online that testify how powerful Vision Boards are. And I tried it the very first time last year.

And you know what, 4 out of 5 of my biggest wishes and goals for 2018 were realized in 2018. I also have things in my Vision Boards that I want to happen in the next couple of years and they are all in there.

Aside from photos that I cut out from magazines, I also decked my Vision Board with quotes, inspiring words and meaningful terms.

I’m re-making and updating my Vision Board again to align with my 2019 goals. You should do it, too.

If you want to know more, reach out to me and I’m happy to share tips and ideas.

3.      Make a list and check them

With small, actionable steps, you place yourself in a position where you are ready when the opportunity knocks

I used to write resolutions but they were not realized because I only write them, but never re-check to make sure I have done something about them.

Another reason might be, that goals and wishes are too huge and too high to reach, that the mind gives up even before doing something about it.

What might help is to make a list of actionable steps. If the dream is to get a job at Bestseller for 2019, start by following Bestseller on LinkedIn so you learn about the culture. Sharpen your LinkedIn profile. Connect with people who works at Bestseller. Invite them for coffee or ask them about their role or their culture.

With small, actionable steps, you place yourself in a position where you are ready when the opportunity knocks.

And when you have done what you wrote on the list, tick it. It feels good doing that. Use a red pen to tick and…smile to yourself.

4.      It’s okay to abandon ship or take a different course

may we have the discretion to know when to continue, and when to give up

Admit it, there are goals that are unreachable no matter what you do. Or, while working to reach your goals, you ended up in a different direction.

That’s the reality of life, my friend.

At this point, may we have the discretion to know when to continue, and when to give up. If not, take as much time needed to think and re-focus. Most of the time, wisdom reveals itself when we take the time.

5.      Be enthusiastic

good things come to those who are enthusiastic and excited

Start the year right by being positive and enthusiastic. That letter I wrote for my 2018 was a letter filled with positivity. Truth is, good things come to those who are enthusiastic and excited. Why? Because only an enthusiastic heart can appreciate the good things that are happening around.

A negative heart will always find something wrong.

6.      Action

if you don’t make the necessary action, nothing happens

You can write that letter to your year, make the vision board, collect a list and be a ball of enthusiasm BUT if you don’t make the necessary action, nothing happens.

The funny thing about action is that it drives you to situations where you feel uncomfortable. When I started organizing #LinkedInLocalAarhus, I knew no one in Aarhus and felt small amongst everyone who went to the event. It was uncomfortable but necessary.

If you want to widen your community this year, start by attending events and meeting people. If you’re shy and wanted to do something about it, practice by pushing yourself. It is uneasy but essential.

Wishing all of us a prosperous and happy 2019. Let’s make this year count.

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