The 4th #LinkedInLocal Aarhus event

January this year, even before the first #LinkedInLocal Aarhus event, I already envisioned 4 events this year.

So I wrote it on my journal, included it on my vision board, and with stubborn passion, worked on the first event with all my heart.

The February event was successful, so was the May event, and then August and before we know it, it’s November and the #LinkedInLocal network and community has grown to where it is now.

The November event was the last one for this year. I’m planning on having 5 #LinkedInLocal events for 2019 so let’s hope and work for that.

Speaker Dimitar Cholakov expanding the idea of Compassionate Leadership

Dimitar Cholakov was our speaker for the 4th #LinkedInLocal Aarhus event that happened last November 7 at Lima Aarhus. The topic? Compassionate Leadership. And what a great event it turned out to be, just the right event to cap the year for #LinkedInLocal Aarhus.

A total of 65 people joined us, which filled Lima Aarhus with buzz and cheers and new people getting to know each other, and old acquaintances meeting and catching up.

As event organizer, the end of every event leaves an organizer a different kind of feeling. And this last event made me feel satisfied and happy. What a great feeling to see people enjoying the event, learning, sharing ideas, and being there for another. It gives me a warm feeling inside, knowing that the event provided people an opportunity to expand their network and to start creating a relationship or community in Aarhus.

I can’t wait what 2019 has in store for #LinkedInLocal Aarhus but you bet I’ll continue working on it with all my passion and effort.

#LinkedInLocalAarhus – Compassionate Leadership, 7th Nov. 2018 at Lima Aarhus

Photography: Zane Hartmane

Written: 29 December 2018

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