The first #LinkedInLocal Aarhus event

LinkedIn Local events spread like wildfire all around the globe last year. And based on the first LinkedIn Local event in Aarhus, it seems like the flame continues.


My friend, Kotryna Kurt, and I, organized the first LinkedIn Local in Aarhus at Mas Vino (Klosterport, Aarhus) last 21st February, 2010, and what a wonderful success it had been.

Kotryna and I met on LinkedIn, when both of us responded to a LinkedIn post that asked if there is a LinkedIn Local event in our city. There was none in Aarhus at that time. At least none yet. It was through that post that we connected, met up, and eventually organized the event.


LinkedIn Local is basically bringing people from LinkedIn to real-life meetups. The idea is to go from online to offline. Additionally, it is to “connect humans” no matter their industry and expertise

The good thing about this event is that it is aimed at getting to know people on a personal level, and is founded on authenticity, respect and collaboration.



I get to experience this first-hand on our first LinkedIn Local event. People came in Mas Vino, first they looked at the place and smiled a bit as we greeted them and gave them their name tags. People are basically strangers to each other. After around 15 minutes, people started interacting. Someone laughed, someone got surprised, someone explained something with a lot of hand gestures, someone waved at someone. People started networking – introducing themselves, exchanging ideas, getting to know each other and bridging the gap.


The event lasted around two hours but I felt like it went so fast.

But one can only bet the many LinkedIn connections that happened that night. And for sure, people left the event not as strangers, but one step closer to getting to know each other.

On a personal level, I felt a mixed of emotions. This is the very first event I’ve organized in Denmark, and it was a resounding success. A year and a half ago, when I told a new-found friend that I’d like to create an event, all she asked me was, “but who would join?” It was not motivating at all.

It was like a path had been opened for me, and who knows what is up ahead?

With Kotryna Kurt and panelist Stoyan Yankov

Now, after the event, I felt like I’ve crossed the line. It is possible. The voice that asked, “but who would join?” is now just a history, no longer a reality. It was like a path had been opened for me, and who knows what is up ahead? I could only be excited.

Photos: Nana Endersby

Written: 10 March 2018

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