When was the last time you felt so tired that you just wanna give up?

Your eyes hurts, your back aches, your body complains, and your being is exhausted.

You just want to give up, walk away from everything, disappear.

However – consider the perseverance of this woman in my neighborhood.

It’s raining, she walks her dog.

It’s snowing, she walks her dog.

The wind is blasting like crazy, she walks her dog.

It’s so cold, she walks her dog.

The pathway is slippery of sleet, she walks her dog.

Roadworks along the way, she walks her dog.

Dark day, she walks her dog.

Her feet are weak so she walks slow, she walks her dog. S

he is a pensioner in her 70s, she walks her dog.

She walks with a walking aid, she walks her dog.

No matter what, she WALKS.

Every step amounts a lot for her.

And yet she walks her beloved dachshund every day.

Yes. Every.single.day.

No matter the weather, difficulties and circumstances, she goes out and walk.

Now, are you – tired? Unmotivated? About to give up? Exhausted?

Never give up. Let nothing stop you.


Written: 12 January 2018


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