Doing it afraid

“Are you sure?”

People asked me when I decided to move to China in 2007. There I was in Beijing International Airport, a nervous, excited, emotional Filipina.

“Are you sure?” The voices of countless people kept ringing in my ear.

Am I really sure? I asked myself. I had never traveled outside the Philippines before. And never lived alone either. There were so many reasons why I should not be here:

I don’t speak Chinese.

I know nobody in China.

I don’t know how to use chopsticks.

My last job was in Media and Communications…can I really teach university English?

What if I get sick? What if I get lost? What if I drown in…snow? What if…what if…what if!

Of course, I was not sure. I did it afraid. I did it while my comfortable self is screaming and kicking. I did it because I know in my heart that I had to try it.

And that decision was one of the best decisions in my life.

It changed me.

It broadened my horizon.

It made me a better person.

It opened doors for me and uncover opportunities and interests way beyond what I expected.

Now, when I tell someone my hopes and dreams and they ask me – “Are you sure?” I’m reminded again of China and the times I did it afraid.


18 January 2018


  1. It takes great courage to take those steps, and the outcome you now know within your heart…but you can’t really explain it to anyone else because unless they too have experienced it, they just don’t fully understand 😀
    Fears are all the same, until you take that first step and dare it, it will always be that ‘what if’ in the background. But behind it is the most wonderful beauty there is, it is loving yourself because you haven’t held up that wall to block the fear, which blocks everything else, including your happiness ❤
    Well done! 😀


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