Untie your heavy load and feel the freedom of a peaceful heart and light shoulders. Give yourself time to stare at the horizon and let nature put you at ease. Look up and say, “I’ll be okay” and believe in your heart that you will.


Don’t let worry engulf you. You are stronger than your fears and bigger than your sorrows. The universe is on your side. Sit. Breathe. Smile. Feel the beauty of being alive.


For it is in the quiet that you hear yourself. It is in the calm that you learn how to accept, unlearn, understand. It is in the unburdening that you sustain energy for another fight, another mile, another step towards the mountain peak.

Rest. Your humanity is your greatest gift and it is in purposeful resting that you breathe energy into being human.


Written: 27 August 2016

Photography: Pexels

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