Sense of wonder

We climbed trees and ran on mountaintops, tried to catch fish with our hands and watched a frog jump with eyes wide open.

And because we were curious, our minds accepted possibilities. Because we looked at things without initial judgement or fear, we saw them as they were.

We enjoyed moments, we took the ride, we leaped and took risks. Our sense of wonder was intact. We were light, carefree, filled with life.

And then we grew up.

We got hurt, we’ve encountered pain and grow to hate them. We begin to have fear of things and worry about the future.

And because of these – hurts, pain, fears, worries – we lost touch with embracing and enjoying the most important treasure we have in our hands – the here and now, the present, this moment of our lives…today.

We have lost our sense of wonder.

Because we were too busy making a living that we forget to make a life.

The sun shines on our way to work and we worry too much about arriving late. Someone wants to talk to us but we’d rather post selfies on Facebook. A stranger has a sad face and we don’t even consider smiling to brighten his day.

We’re running fast but we are going nowhere.

Years ago I wrote on my journal – never lose your sense of wonder. I wrote it again and again to almost fill up a whole page. With it I began to see faces of strangers smiling back at me, sun changing its size and color amidst the Tianjin sky and the beauty of kind people’s smiles. I begin to hear birds chirping as I woke up, enjoyed my morning cup of coffee, and felt grateful for the graces of each day.

I’m looking back at those experiences and learned a lot from them. Today, I make a stand again to enjoy life with the heart of a child. To have a sense of wonder, to notice things and be thankful for being here, alive, free.

I make a stand to enjoy…today.

Written: 12 November 2016

Photography: Pexels

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