Of waiting and learning

We all wait for something. For Christmas, summer, for the clock to strike 5 so we can call it a day.

We wait for someone to find us, for someone to love, for someone to notice what a great person we can be.

We wait for troubles to go away, for worries to disappear, for solutions to come.

There was this 22-year old new graduate who was impatiently waiting for her job interview. Then, a 28 year old was warily waiting for the love of her life. In another time, there was a 36 year old who was laboriously waiting for her perfect opportunity.

They are in different stages of life, but somehow the time of waiting did not escape them. They struggled, cried, dealt with confusion and fear…but still they had to wait.

To you, I say – stand up, wipe the dust off and shout your battle cry. If there is one thing you should know about waiting, it is this: it’s the time to grow, to learn, to be better than you were before.

Remember how, at 23, you learned the value of work? It is because at 22, you waited and promised yourself that when work comes, you are going to be the best worker there is.

Remember how, at 34, you met the love of your life and you said, “Finally, he is here, all those years of waiting are totally worth it!” At 34, you were whole, mature, and ready to accept love in all the beauty and tragedy it brings.

And now here you are, 36 and waiting, again. I say to you…one day, you were gonna look back at this time and say to yourself that you made it, that you grew to be wise and knowledgeable, that you overcame this time.

Let this be our mantra: learn while we wait. Waiting is essential for our growth. It is the time when we pick up strategies, notes, ideas, opportunities, possibilities and a time to grow. But waiting, in order for it to help us, must be purposeful. It must be seen as a time to learn. It requires patience, acceptance, and most of all, the willingness to become a better person. It is easy to make haphazard decisions and actions while waiting, that is why actively learning while waiting is vital.

Wait and learn, I said this to the 22 year old me, the 28 year old me and the 36 year old me. Wait and learn, dear self, because it is in waiting and learning that you grow and live to tell your story, your truth.


Written: 25 January 2017

Photography: Cathy Perez

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