Our life is all made up of those decisions we make in moments that are given to us – should we succumb to hate or decide to love?

Should we hold grudges or painstakingly forgive?

Should we sit and let life pass us by or should we hold it in the neck and do something out of it?

In the end, we become the decisions we make. We choose a path and we become the result of that choice.

I choose to embrace every moment of my life: the happy, the sad, the difficult.

I choose to invest on my self by learning more, doing more, being more.

I want to one day look back at my life and say, I did it. I whinged it the best I could. Life threw stones at me so many times yet I stood up after every fall. Life gave me every reason to hate and give up but I continue loving and moving on. I did it!

I’m a warrior of life and love and I love the life I have made.


Written: 17 September 2016

Photography: Cathy Perez


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